2012 - Burgos Cathedral


This special edition, numbered and limited to 5,000 units, produced as a tribute to Burgos Cathedral, a Heritage of Mankind Site, is presented in an innovative currency case.

The currency case contains the souvenir sheet of stamps, the artist's proof and the 2-Euro commemorative coin.

Details 2-Euro commemorative coin
Name Face Value Weigth Diameter
2-Euro commemorative 2 € 8,5 g 22,75 mm
Details - Sheet of Stamps
Name Face Value Dimensions
Sheet of Stamps 2 € 104.5x150 mm


2-Euro commemorative coin

Moneda de 2 Euros conmemorativa

The sixth 2-Euro commemorative coin is released in 2012, this time dedicated to Burgos Cathedral, one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic-style art, which was awarded the Heritage of Mankind endorsement in 1984.

The reverse portrays a rendering of Burgos Cathedral. This is the third coin in the annual series dedicated to the UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites in Spain.

UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites in Spain


2012 - Catedral de Burgos

The Cathedral of Burgos is one of the loveliest and finest examples of European Gothic art and architecture.

The building was begun as long ago as 1221, initiated by an order of King Ferdinand III, the Saint: the construction work, however, would suffer considerable setbacks until the year 1765.

In fact, it was in the 15th century that John of Cologne, commissioned by Bishop Alonso de Cartagena, erected the slender spires that cap the towers of the main façade; and that same century was drawing to a close when Simon of Cologne undertook to construct for the Constable of Castile, Pedro Fernandez de Velasco, the self-styled Chapel of the Constables.  The altarpiece in the cathedral's main chapel, created in Renaissance style, displays the sculpture of Santa Maria la Mayor.

The scale and beauty of Burgos cathedral justifiably earned it in 1984 a Heritage of Mankind classification.

In deference to this magnificent structure, the Spanish Royal Mint in cooperation with the Postal Service has produced a joint issue currency case containing a 2-Euro coin and a souvenir sheet of stamps, both in commemorative edition.



Currency case 2 Euro coin and souvenir stamp sheet - Price: 20,00 Euros (*)

(*) Official retail price in Spain.