General Purpose / WG10

Tarjeta monedero

The electronic purse, or the re-loadable prepayment card, is a chip card that canbe loaded with a given amount of money. It is used to pay for services rendered and can be re-loaded when depleted. It is usually destined to pay for low-cost operations in which a connection to an authorizing center is not justified on account of the cost of communications and the delay involved in the execution of the operations. Some advantages:

  • It avoids the congestion at points of payment
  • It is easier, faster and convenient
  • Greater security and control of small daily expenses
  • It eliminates the problems of cash


The FNMT-RCM offers a range of cards including different electronic purses based on the CEN WG10- standard, with all the functions and security features necessary to form a highly secure system of payment with minimal operating costs.

The FNMT WG10 card can be used in non-financial applications, such as universities, transport, data storage, etc.

Tarjetas monederos electrónicos