Supplier certification procedure

The Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de Moneda is defined by its activity as a manufacturer of security products and a provider of public services.

Any materials that directly affect the quality of the product or the service rendered, and that are of special significance technically, financially or strategically, are acquired by the FNMT-RCM by way of established hiring, selection and evaluation procedures for suppliers and contractors. These procedures allow us to guarantee the quality levels that our customers and the general public require. It is essential for the supplier to have passed a set certification process for each material. The said procedures have a general bearing on the following aspects:

Selection of suppliers

Our objective is for our suppliers to be the best in their activity. The selection of suppliers is therefore one of the key aspects in our purchasing process. The selection is based on varied criteria, such as:

  • Financial evaluation of the proposal.
  • Compliance with the delivery periods undertaken.
  • Commitment and capacity to meet the requirements set down in the technical and administrative bidding conditions.
  • Availability of technical and human resources.
  • Quality of the product or service undertaken.
  • Experience and evaluation of compliance with the above parameters.

Forwarding of requirements

Once a supplier has been selected to supply a given material or service, the FNMT-RCM forwards the necessary information, and keeps this updated, in clear and unequivocal terms, not only on the properties of the products requested but also on the specifications of the service and the legal or mandatory requirements that must be complied with.

Likewise, if the product so requires, the FNMT will include the special requisites for certifying the product, the procedures, the processes, the equipment, the staff rating, and the characteristics that the supplier's quality management system must conform to.

Certification process

The certification process for raw and auxiliary materials, which must precede the consideration of whether a supplier has the capacity to supply the FNMT-RCM, consists of passing a series of attitude tests that vary in intensity depending on the product in question.

The first test consists of the delivery, at no charge, of a sample of the marketed product. This allows us to verify the supplier's understanding and technical capacity to supply the product in accordance with the specifications given by the FNMT-RCM.

Following this, by requiring the supply of an order in industrial quantities, the aim is to verify the supplier's capacity to manufacture the product on a regular and stable basis.

Notwithstanding the required compliance with the specifications given by the FNMT-RCM, all of these tests are utilised to verify the performance of the different materials in our manufacturing processes.

Continuous evaluation

Ongoing evaluation is applicable to all suppliers who have obtained certification. This evaluation will take into account the following parameters:

Quality of the product supplied: this is based on the data provided by the supplier in the Quality Certificates and on the product testing conducted by the FNMT-RCM, as well as on how it performs in our manufacturing process.

Quality of the service: aspects are evaluated linked to the service rendered by the supplier: delivery dates, technical and commercial assistance, packaging, material identification, etc.

In the event that the results are not the ones expected, the FNMT-RCM will contact the supplier to notify him of the aspects that call for a better result.