FNMT-RCM, an inimitable company

The Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre was created in 1893 from the merging of two age-old organizations, namely the Casa de la Moneda (The Mint) and the Fábrica del Sello (The Stamp Factory). These two entities, even though they were self-determining and under different managements, had been sharing the building in the Plaza de Colón since 1861. From that time forward, with security as the common thread, their scope of activity has never stopped expanding.

The Institution


Detailed information about the Mint.

Public Employment

Public Employment and Job Vacancies.

Agenda 2030 & SDGs

FNMT-RCM's contributions to a more prosperous and just world.



Electronic certificates and video-accreditation.


Architecture and security consulting for R&D projects.

Digital Services

Analysis, design and deployment of customized digital services.

Products and Services

Security Paper

Production of security paper for passports, banknotes and more...

Circulating Currency

Minting of metallic currency for the Treasury and other countries.


Art, history and tradition in silver and gold pieces. Coins and medals.

Security Printing

Manufacture of high and medium security graphic products.


Metal studies, paper and other media testing, and much more.

ID | Advisory and Consulting

Security and Identification Documents Consulting.