History of Navegation (4th issue)


In December 2018, the first issue of this collection of coins dedicated to the memory of the History of Navigation was made available to the public.

The collection is comprised of a total of 20 coins representing a selection of ships that, for one reason or another, have been relevant throughout the ages.

Every coin is manufactured in cupronickel, with a face value of € 1.5, and they have the same reverse in common. The obverse side of each coin displays each of the ships selected in colour, which provides a great degree of realism to the images.

The reverse side they share in common displays the face value of the coin within a centre circle, together with the legend HISTORY OF NAVIGATION. Outside the circle, six dolphins are depicted jumping over the same aquatic motifs that are also displayed in the different obverse sides of the coins. They have the following characteristics in common:

  • Composition: cupronickel
  • Face Value: 1,5€
  • Weight: 15 g
  • Diameter: 33 mm


Together with the coins, an album for collecting the coins is made available to the public, which also contains a pair of books with detailed information about each of the vessels, the manufacturing process of coins, as well as more information about the collections at the Naval Museum.

This fourth issue is comprised of the following coins (click on the links to display larger images of the obverse and reverse sides of each of the coins):


The next and last issue will feature the Spanish Xebec 18th century, Spanich Shooner, Submarien Galerna and Oceanographic Research Vessel Hésperides.

To find out more about this collection or for more details about each of the coins that comprise it, please visit the page dedicated to the History of Navigation.

Roman War Birreme

The obverse of the coin displays an image of the work entitled "Naves romanas. Birreme de guerra. Barco de comercio", which is preserved in the Naval Museum of Madrid.

Nao Victoria

This coin shows the image of the picture with this same name, located in the Naval Museum of Madrid.

Spanish Galleon 17th century

The obverse of this coin features the work titled “Renacimiento. Galeones siglo XVII según Granados. Pinturas, dibujos y descripciones de la época. Galeón holandés y galeón castellano”, which can be found at the Naval Museum in Madrid.

Armored Frigate Numancia

The obverse of this coin displays the image of the work entitled “Marina militar moderna. Acorazados. Fragata española Numancia”, which is exhibited at the Naval Museum in Madrid.

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