9th Series Numismatic Treasures


The 9th set of collector coins in the 'Numismatic Treasures' series has been released. The series consists of reproductions of outstanding pieces from Spain´s numismatic holdings since 2008 when was minted the first coin of this collection.

The issues of 'Numismatic Treasures' have aimed to rescue for public the most unique pieces of Hispanic numismatics. These nine issues have remembered the following numismatic periods:

  • The first edition was dedicated to the Roman aureus and the Greek drachma.
  • The second one represented the Centén and the Cincuentín.
  • The third set minted in 2009 remembered the Centén and the Cincuentín.
  • The coins selected for the fourth set were the gold Maravedi of Alphonse VIII, the Almohad Dinar, and an Alphonse VIII Dinero.
  • The fifth one showed three coins from the reign of the Catholic Monarchs.
  • The sixth issue featured two coins minted by the Madrid Mint in 1615 - one piece of two coats of arms and one piece of four reals - plus another coin with the Madrid mint mark used in 1615 and the types of obverse and reverse of the maravedís that were minted in the Madrid mint from 1618.
  • The seventh one was dedicated to Phoenician and Iberian coinages: Hemidrachm from Ebusus, Gadir Light Drachm and As from Clounioq.
  • And the the previous issue consisted of the last coins of Bourbons reigns: 2 escudo gold coin of 1731 (Felipe V), 8 reales silver coin of 1808 (Carlos IV) and one peseta gold coin of 2001 (Juan Carlos I).

On this occasion, the series is dedicated to pieces issued in the reigns of Philip III, Philip IV and Charles II. The series consists of two gold coins and one silver coin, all minted with proof quality.

Each coin is presented in jewellery cases and available in individually foramt or a complete three-coin set.

The characteristics of the pieces are as follows:

2 escudo gold coin

This coin represents a piece of eight coats of arms of Philip IV, minted in 1632.

The obverse side reproduces the obverse side of this piece, with the exception of the mint mark and the legend "ESPAÑA 2019", as well as the value of the piece of 100 EURO, included in this issue. The reverse side reproduces the reverse side of the original coin.

Click to see enlarged images of obverse and reverse of this coin.

  • Composition: .999 gold
  • Face Value: 100 €
  • Weight: 6.75 g
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Mint Run: 2,000 units

8 reales silver coin

This piece reproduces the front and back of a piece of eight reales by Philip III (Philip II of Aragon), minted in 1611.

Click to see enlarged images of obverse and reverse of this coin.

  • Composition: .925 sterling silver
  • Face Value: 10 €
  • Weight: 27 g
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Mint Run: 5,000 units

13.92 mm gold coin

This coin reproduces the obverse and reverse of a piece of four coats of arms of Charles II, minted in 1687.

Click to see enlarged images of obverse and reverse of this coin.

  • Composition: .999 gold
  • Face Value: 20 €
  • Weight: 1.24 gramos
  • Diameter: 13.92 mm
  • Mint Run: 5,000 units

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