Products and services

Security Labels

Successful companies are becoming increasingly aware of the measures that are available to prevent false duplication of their products. It is vital for them to be able to ensure their clients that they are acquiring authentic and original articles. The variety of products and services that need this anti-forgery guarantee is enormous. The FNMT-RCM, as the authority in matters of security, offers resourceful and fitting responses to the array of problems companies are faced with.

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Research and technique

By combining different security elements with special substrates and numbering methods, the FNMT-RCM offers a wide range of solutions that will allow the product to be protected against counterfeiting and that provide the end user with a watertight guarantee of authenticity. All the solutions offered by the FNMT-RCM are the result of research work undertaken by its departments, which explore materials and processes to find ways to create unique and inimitable solutions. The objective of this research is to meet the commitment with companies that resort to the corporation, and ultimately, with the user.

Capacity for response

By applying special techniques and elements, both to their seals of guarantee and to the security certificates or the labels of authenticity, the FNMT-RCM has the capacity to provide the most appropriate response to imitations and fraud. The prestige that the FNMT-RCM enjoys in the field of security, in both the public and the private sector, together with this capacity for response, has led many companies to request anti-forging guarantees for some of their personal documents.

Possible solutions

In its commitment with companies and users to safeguard the authenticity of products and services, the FNMT-RCM offers a range of solutions, such as:

  • Security labels used by the most well known Regulating Councils of Denomination of Origin for Wine and "Cava" (Valdepeñas, Jumilla, Penedés, etc.)
  • Notarial Seals and Healthcare Labels.
  • Seals of legitimacy and of guarantee.
  • "Securlab" Security Certificates that guarantee the user the authenticity of the product versus imitations.
  • Security labels as brand identification and protection for textile products, videotapes, etc.